Online Storage Registration

NEW STORAGE FEES: $195 / year, includes GST.

RENEWALS: $195/year, includes GST.

PAYMENTS: forward etransfer payment to

Once Registered, TO PICK UP KEY: Contact Doug at (403) 593-0968

Online Storage Registration Form

Preferred Payment Method: etransfer to (cash, money order, cheque accepted on approval)

We do not mail monthly invoices or statements. Storage fees are payable in advance, and a penalty of $30 per month is charged on late payments and NSF cheques.

Payment is due upon signing. Depending upon entry date, the first year is prorated to Dec 31st. Renewal payment is due before the 1st day of January.

Entry date Monthly Pro-rated amounts:
Prorated $16.25/month from starting date to January 1st.

  • Please report any suspicious activity.
  • No open building materials. No dumping. Everything must be stored on wheeled unit unless authorized. No emptying tanks or dumping on site. No storage of gas, combustibles, or chemicals on site.
  • Replacement key $25
  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • $50 charge for LA Storage to meet at site to open the gate for you.
  • Keys must be returned at the end of storage agreement.

Please Note:

In the event that payments are 60 days overdue, the warehouseman has the right to take possession of the contents and disperse of the contents, without personal or public notice, in the manner he sees fit.


1. The Tenant acknowledges that he has inspected the unit/vehicle space and finds that it is in a satisfactory condition.
2. All property stored within the unit/vehicle space by the Tenant will be at the Tenant’s sole risk. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to provide insurance, if desired, to cover loss, theft, fire, or other damage. The Tenant hereby agrees to indemnify the Warehouseman and hold him harmless from any loss, damage, or claim arising out of the Tenant’s act or omission and the Warehouseman will not be liable to the Tenant for any loss or damage that may be occasioned by or through the act or omission to the act of the Warehouseman, other Tenants, or any other person.
3. The Tenant will not use the unit/vehicle space for any unlawful purpose and he will not keep in the unit/vehicle space animals, explosives, highly flammable materials, anything giving off noxious or offensive odors, any refuse, garbage, or other objectionable material, anything which might cause the rate of insurance upon the building to be increased or which might cause or contribute to the cancellation or refusal on insurance coverage or anything which may damage the building.
4. The Tenant will provide, at his cost and expense, a hitch lock of sufficient size and strength to secure the unit.
5. The tenant agrees to abide by all of the Landlord’s rules and regulations put into effect from time to time and posted on the site or in the office.
6. Tenant or Warehouseman may terminate this storage agreement on thirty days notice in writing.
7. If storage payments are not received when due the Tenant will pay a service charge of $30/month. A service charge will also be paid to the Warehouseman for an N.S.F. cheque.
9. In the event the Warehouseman is required to obtain the services of a solicitor to enforce any of the provisions of this lease, or to collect any monies owing hereunder, the Tenant agrees to pay all solicitors and legal costs incurred in addition to any other monies which may be owing.
10. Any alteration or construction inside of unit by Tenant must have prior approval of Warehouseman.
11. The Tenant will not assign this lease or sub-let the unit/vehicle space without the written consent of the Warehouseman.
12. The Tenant will be held liable for any damage caused by the Tenant or guests to the unit/vehicle space equipment, building, and premises in general, other than reasonable wear and tear.
13. Upon expiration of this lease, for whatever reason, the Tenant will give up possession and will leave the unit/vehicle space in as good and clean condition as it was at the beginning of this storage agreement).
15. The Warehouseman reserves the right to relocate the Tenant without expenses to the Tenant in any other unit/vehicle space located on the site.
17. This storage agreement is the only agreement for determining the rights and obligation of the parties under the subject matter covered.
18. Should it be ruled that any term or condition is not legally binding, the remainder of this storage agreement remains in effect.
19. The covenants contained in this contract will exceed to and be binding upon the parties, their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns.
20. Any violation of these terms may result in the Warehouseman, at his option, immediately terminating this storage agreement.